moskito: 360° brand agency

We are creative strategists

We create distinctive and influential brands – helping it to increase it’s value. What distinguishes us and strengthens your brand: We are creative strategists, since strategy alone is boring *yawn* and creativity alone isn’t adequate. We love details and think things through to the end, because half good is half bad. We are process oriented navigators, due to the fact that reliability creates trust. We highly value partnerships and teamwork, since great solutions can’t be solved only by a single entity.

We see ourselves as a 360° brand agency, since we live brands as a whole with all of its facets. However, if you landed here since you searched for an advertising agency in Bremen, thats fine too.

Who we are

How we roll


Interesting brand stories, current cases – and news by moskito, the 360° brand agency in Bremen.

Cutting trees – Fast and safe

moskito communicates for the Grewe group


moskito jumps in the pool!

Literally! For the next three years moskito is going to swim in and for the Bremer Bäder pools. We are glad to announce the conclusion of our agency agreement with the regional leader of the swimming, leisure and wellness market.

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